Transform the way you hire

Hire at scale

Move faster on a full cycle hiring platform that automates time consuming tasks and streamlines hiring from requisition to Offer Letter. HireSimplify’s structured features along with automated workflows and built-in reports make things just simple to resolve bottleneck in the process and fast-track the onboarding of newly hired staff. An intuitive hiring manager dashboard with visible up-to-date actionable task lists from various hiring fronts and on-platform mailboxes for managing communications with candidates and others make the organisation of the hiringt processes straightforward, time efficient, flexible and free from the dependency of any individual employee.

Positive experience in making the right hiring decision

Guide hiring teams through fair and objective evaluations, and mitigate bias, to move the best candidates forward. Vacancy specific pre-screening questionnaire, scores for candidates’ attributes while shortlisting, and vacancy specific interview-assessment-criteria setting, weighting, and marking to come up with a merit-based selection list make the decision-making process transparent and evident.

The built-in event scheduler to form an interview panel, choose interview venue, shift and time, and schedule interview with the candidate, all-on-one platform, provides you with the
best user experience.

Modern candidate experience underpinned by latest IT technologies

Promote personalised, secure and interactive communications for the candidates to actively engage and collaborate with hiring managers using dedicated dashboards and mailboxes, everything within the platform, accessible anytime from anywhere, underpinned by the state-of-the-art Internet and Cloud technologies. Candidates can create personal profiles, track the progress of current applications, and follow up similar openings for the future applications, all are protected by secure sign-in credentials.

Candidates can be approached to apply online through job advertisements in social media (Facebook, LinkedIn), popular job-boards, company website or shooting emails as friends and well-wishers.

Build your own talent pool for next hiring

Build a database of candidate profiles interested in working for your organization. It can be a mix of people who applied before and weren’t a right fit at the time, people with specific expertise – or people with a more generalist profile, or former employees. With cost per hire and time to hire increasing, it is great to have a solid starting point to begin with your own talent pool before launching a full recruitment campaign. HireSimplify’s auto archival of each and every candidate profile whether that cut it the first time around or not, together with advanced searching options for archived profiles builds a solid talent pool that can ease your hiring process next time. 

360-degree view

HireSimplify has taken a holistic approach in designing business processes, features, workflows and reports to provide a single-point access to all current and upcoming openings with their latest status and ongoing communications. Whether you are a candidate or hiring manager, at any point you are able to obtain a complete picture of a hiring task and track every step involved in the process through dedicated dashboards and mailboxes. This provides a seamless, inclusive recruitment experience for both the recruiters and candidates.